Our aim

Latvian Association of Independent Timber Harvesting Companies (LNMA) is a public organization, whose aim is to represent interests and defend rights of LNMA members – timber harvesting, roundwood transportation, chipping service providers and other industry related companies, within the Republic of Latvia and abroad.

LNMA performance target

LNMA, ever since the moment of its establishing, is a major partner in the communication between the various logging, wood transport and processing service providers, and the consumers of these services.

Main tasks of LNMA:

  • to unite timber harvesting and other related service companies in Latvia;
  • to promote the improvement of professional qualification and experience exchange;
  • to take care about the prestige of timber harvesting profession and other related professions and their legal rights;
  • to advise LNMA members on their professional activities;
  • to carry out the function of LNMA member self-governance;
  • to develop and present any recommendations and proposals needed, to legislators, councils and other institutions, in the fields of timber harvesting and related service legislation, state and private forest management and log trading.

LNMA is also a member of the Latvian Forest Industry Federation (LKF).

The main task of LKF is to ensure representation of the interests of Latvian forest industry in international level, as well as the development and coordination of various, non governmental forest industry organisations. Latvian Forest Industry Federation is in favor of sustainable forest management and processing of wood that is grown and extracted under Latvian law regulations and good practice.

LKF seeks to promote the Latvian forest sector in collaboration with the relevant institutions, to build a sustainable, stable economic environment for forest enterprise development and increasing competitiveness.

Board of  directors

Andis Araks

Chairmen of the board
Phone: 29133433

Ivo Sloka

Member of the board
Phone: 29452231
E-mail: [email protected]

Andris Kalnozols

Member of the board
Phone: 29123246
E-mail: [email protected]

Guntars Reinfelds

Member of the board
Phone: 29194219
E-mail: [email protected]

Aldis Stūriška

Member of the board
Phone: 29421759
E-mail: [email protected]

Structure of  LNMA

Highest authority of LNMA is the General Meeting, which may be convened no less than once a year.

Functional management body of LNMA is the Board. LNMA Board is elected by the General Meeting for one year and consists of a chairman and four board members.

Operation of LNMA is controlled by an auditor, who is elected by the General Meeting for one year. The auditor shall perform audit in deadlines defined by the General Meeting, but no less than once a year.

Executive Director of LNMA is elected and withdrawn by the General Meeting. Executive Director represents the interests of LNMA at state and municipal institutions, as well as industry related companies, coordinates LNMA member cooperation, works with various Latvian and foreign Forest related organizations, as well as associations form other industries. The Executive Director actively participates in activities of LNMA, offers his vision and problem-solving moves to LNMA members, as well as performs other tasks, given by the Board.

To address the current issues of LNMA members, organization forms different Work Groups, which deliver their vision of solving industry related problems and challenges.